Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nazca's secrets

Nazca, Peru

This is the site of an archeological wonder, the Nazca lines.

I could go into a very detailed description, but you'd probably rather want to watch this vdieo:


The question still remains, why did these people put enormous amounts of work in something they were never fully able to see?
One explenaition is they were made to honor the gods, but maybe these gods were closer to these people then we think. For archeologists also found very strange skulls near the lines, and when i say strange, i mean really weird. Scientists have finally managed to do a reconstruction of how these people would have looked like, as is seen in this video:

But we do know the old american cultures are far more advanced and complex then you would think of societies that old. There are a lot of things we still don't understand, and maybe we will never understand it fully. But an interesting theory is that the mayans were visited by outsiders.

I am not saying the mayans were, or were not, visited by aliens, but this stuff is really interesting.


  1. i've seen shows about the nazca lines before. It's pretty crazy how large and intricate some of those designs were

  2. I'd rather not think of those mysteries cause I will be disappointed if I never get an explanation.

  3. interesting indeed, just imagine: all the technology we have today is because of aliens...

  4. Nice,gave me something to think about

  5. I dont really know what to think..
    Interesting nonetheless, and thanks
    you now have made me think WAY too much for today :P