Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Da Vinci

First of all; Happy Easter to all of you!
Did you enjoy the holidays? I know i sure did.

I've been looking through some of the videos of the History Channel, and i have to say i am dissapointed i can't get it on my TV. Because there really is some interesting stuff on the channel. You remember the Ancient Aliens episode about the Mayans i showed in my previous post?

Well today i will share one about, without a doubt, the most brilliant man in history;
Leonardo Da Vinci.

And i'm not focussing on the "hidden messages" in the artwork, although we know he was a master at that.
But all the important discoveries he made, and inventions he did. It's just amazing how far ahead he was compared to the time he lived in. The message in this video is that he was either;
A. Abducted by aliens
B. A time traveler

But maybe this is just a trick question, what about;
C. He was just an amazing genius the likes of wich we won't see for another 1500 years.

The answers A&B are supported only by a lot of circumstantial evidence, wich is the case in almost all of the Ancient Astronaut theories. And hey, why else would this guy be on the show?

 But still, knowledge is power, and knowledge can only be gained through asking questions.
And luckily i did my own research, and according to the most reliable source i know, the TV-Show Futurama, all of his inventions were part of a space ship.

Thank you comedy, for solving yet another mistery of history!

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  1. What has Futurama done to the inventions?!?!!!? It's hideous! D:

    But yeah, DaVinci was indeed a man to behold. Seemingly way ahead of his time or that he really was just another genius that we'll never see in probably a few years (never). I wish I had History Channel on Free TV here in Oz. :(