Thursday, March 29, 2012

To reclaim my sovereignty - Step 1

Hello people of the internet, i have decided it is time for me to reclaim my sovereignty.
I am a human being, made of flesh and blood, and believe everybody deservers the right to be free.

Living in a western country and complaining you are not free might sound a bit strange, especially compared to e.g. the middle-east. But full freedom can only be achieved when you are no longer dictated to in any way possible. And from personal experience i can tell that the government doesn't treat you with the compasion and care you might expect to get as a fellow human being. Instead we are all numbers, digits in a large database. Whenever the government needs you, they just call upon the juridical entity, your number. You as a human being are connected to the juridical entity, you've been so since the day you were born.

 All the laws around the world, except for religious like Sharia etc., can be divided into two categories; law of tha land, and the maritime law. This is going to sound strange, but it's the actual logic that is being used; when you are born, you are born under maritime law. Wait, what? Yeah, no matter if you are born on top of mt. Everest, you are born through the birthcanal, wich is a "waterway".

As soon as your feet hit the ground, you are no longer affected by maritime law, but rather by the law of the land. The fact that you officially were born under maritime law, requires your parents to get an "import contract" from the government. This is better known as a birth certifficate, this is the contract between you and the government.

Ok, that was a little summary on how the system works, now on with the first step i'll be taking.

Step 1.
This step consists of getting a copy of my birthcertifficate, wich ofcourse isn't that hard.
Then i will go to town hall, give them my birthcertifficate and a copy of my ID-card, together with a letter that states i would like to have a secrecy code 7 on my full name in the administration.

Ok, now what does it do? If they give my section in the administration the code 7, default is 0, this will mean that no one, under any circumstances can look up my name in the administrations without getting permission from me first. This excludes justice departments like police etc.

Allright, that will be the first step, it will give me some more privacy when completed.
I will update further when i've completed this step, then we are getting a bit more serious.

Good day to you all.

The steps and actions described are specific to my country, do some research on the internet and discover how you can win back you freedom!


  1. Dayum boy, colour me impressed. I never knew you could do that in your country, which I'm assuming is either the US or the UK.

  2. Nice overview on how the system works... I'm afraid it is completely different where I am at.

  3. Huh... I wonder what the process is like in Canada...

  4. damn, never heard of this, any idea how it is for belgium?

  5. Well for those wondering, i'm from the Netherlands.

    My plans got a bit delayed, due to the fact that i don't live in the same city i was born in, so i don't really have the opportunity to get a copy of my birth certifficate. And if i want to request it online, the filthy scum wants me to wire 15 euro's first.

    As if i'm not paying them enough already!

  6. nice I will have to look up UK law to see if I can do the same or as close

  7. Sounds interesting... wonder if it's possible in the UK...

  8. Dang. Does this also happen in France?

  9. 15 Euros for a request of your own identity.. sheesh

  10. only the ones that are searching may ever hope to be free!

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  12. I believe our lifestyle, rather than governments, is what threatens our freedom the most but I can definitely understand what you're feeling.

    1. Interesting thought, in what ways specificly?