Thursday, January 12, 2012

A legend is born

Last weekend, a new internet sensation was born. A young (15 year old) boy from The Hague in the Netherlands even made it to a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, now that's an achievement!

But what makes Lloyd Schuilenburg such a special kid? Can he do sublime imitations of celebrities, make really funny faces? Does he have that important cuteness-factor we find in viral video's more and more often. No, this young lad has talents and capacities that transcend those of other internet superheroes. I am ofcourse talking about #Duifmeneer, or Doveguy.

Why does this hero among men have a rather cheesy nickname? Because he loves pigeons! He loves pigeons more than anything in the world, his whole life is devoted to became the ultimate pigeon-master. To catch them is the real test, to train them is his cause! And this isn't just a comparison between two of the most awesome things out there, it is the actual story of Lloyd's life!

Because, as a matter of fact, Lloyd is one of the few remaining participants in a Hague tradition that has been going on for centuries now. De Haagse Duivensport , The Hague Dovesport (Hard one to translate, innit?) is a tradition that started in the lower class area's in 17th century the Hague. The objective of participants is quite simple; they have to try and catch eachothers pigeons.

They try to accomplish this by training their own (female) pigeons to lure the other person's (male) pigeon into a cage they have set up. This sounds quite simple, but pigeons aren't the brightest animals on this spinning rock, so a lot of patience and devotion is required to become a pigeon-master (haha, i did it again). There is quite a special technique that is used by participants to comfort doves, and lure them into the cages.

I'm talking ofcourse about hoe-hoe-hoe'ing, And frankly, there isn't a way to explain it, so enjoy!

I'm quite sorry for the lack of subtitles, but i think the image speaks for itself.

But why did this awesome guy become a hero? Because it was posted of, and the problem with Dumpert is that it's populated by people with quite low standards, that together can bomb everything to become a meme. This is often done by really bad editing and photoshopping, some examples;

The attention for this lad exploded begin this week, thus making the guy a famous celebrity. Everyone with an internet connection knows, or at least has heard of the infamouns Duifmeneer. His picture now hangs on the internet hall of fame;
together with the other Dutch all-time hero, Haatmeneer;

People posting video's of their imitations have already been spotted, where will this end?
I know i'm not bored by Lloyd yet, and the declining quality, if there ever was any, of the edits & shoops is starting to amuse me. I know i have made all your life's better by sharing with you the knowledge, and therefore the power. I'm grabbing some more beer & chips, and start looking for more Duifmeneer,


Update 14/01/2012:

Duifmeneer has announced that he will be recording his very own song today. This internet phenomeon sparked the interest of the producers that made the theme song for the platinum selling movie: New Kids Nitro. This will surely make an interesting piece of art, knowing that the theme song of the movie was called, translated; Bang whores and never work again, wich is the actual chorus of the song that made it to the 16th place in the dutch charts.


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  4. My brother raises pigeons so I sort of understand the allure to the whole pigeon thing. Great first post btw!

  5. he's like the mike tyson of the netherlands

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  7. A legend has born.

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